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  • Paul Feig Dear Paul Feig (and other tangential thoughts!) (9/21/2015) - Note: This article may come off the rails at times, but stick with it! Dear Paul Feig, You made it! Other than a few pick up shots or reshoots, filming of the new Ghostbusters movie is done… And I can’t remember hearing of a film shoot carrying so much of a burden as this one.... Read More »
  • RND13_RoundelLogo(1) Fubar Radio Presents: The Geekatorium 27 Hour Podcast Challenge (2/10/2015) - Fubar Radio Presents…  The Geekatorium 27 Hour Podcast Challenge Friday 27th – Saturday 28th Feb 2015 Pop culture comedy show The Geekatorium is teaming up with the U.K’s only uncensored comedy radio station, Fubar Radio, in an attempt to perform a 27 hour long podcast, available for free download hourly or streaming live via Fubar... Read More »
  • Iain Lee The Geekatorium 2014 Autumn Report! (9/18/2014) - The Geekatorium Sept – Nov 2014 Did you miss out on coming along to our Autumn season of shows? The ones with special guests Iain Lee, Nick Revell and Anthony O’Neil in? Did you? That sucks! Let me rub it in a little bit more and tell you what else you missed… For our new... Read More »
  • Most Photoshopped Most (ly Awful) Haunted, Really? (9/3/2014) - Any one who has spent any time with me, seen any of my stand up or been to any of my comedy shows must have picked up on the fact that I am obsessed with the supernatural. These days, I am just not a believer. I’ve been on too many ghost hunts and seen too... Read More »
  • "typical gamer"? It’s All In The Game, Boy! (9/2/2014) - I am going to be bluntly honest. I have not read EVERYTHING about the Zoe Quinn incident (or indeed the Anita Sarkeesian situation). I do not have a well read understanding about feminism and how women are represented in gaming. I have not sunk my time into reading countless Reddit pages about this currently explosive... Read More »
  • Geekatorium Logo The Geekatorium Oct 5th with Nick Revell – ONLY £5 – Info & Tickets (7/30/2014) - The Geekatorium is back for abother show at our new home, The Phoenix!! With special guest… Oct 5th – Nick Revell (Award Winning Comedian & No Pressure To Be Funny Host) @nickula Welcome to The Geekatorium, the monthly pop culture comedy show for your inner or outer geek! Featuring stand up, storytelling, games, videos and music, it covers everything... Read More »
  • Just Awful Dear Sony… (An Open Letter in regards to Ghostbusters’ 30th) (6/5/2014) - Dear Sony, You wouldn’t think that one of your most precious movie franchises is turning 30 years old this year, would you? I wouldn’t… And I am a fan, patiently waiting on any news at all about the celebrations. They are not going to happen are they? Any one who has read this site, or... Read More »
  • The Book of the Dead “Evil Dead 2” Children’s Readalong Adventure (5/4/2014) - We at The Geekatorium have come across a rare – once thought lost to the ages – copy of Evil Dead 2… A Readalong adventure for kids! The concept of translating a full on comedy horror film to the medium of child’s story book was grossly misjudged and so scrapped early on it’s production. However,... Read More »
  • logo_sfl 3rd May! The Geekatorium @ Sci-Fi London – BOOK NOW! (4/22/2014) - Get Your Tickets Here: Sci-Fi London & The Geekatorium Presents… Celebrating the best in pop culture,geekdom and whatever else we are passionate about, the Geekatorium mixes stand up with sketch, music and improvised comedy as well as video links, animation and social media interactivity. Star Wars or Sartre, Lord of the Rings or Laundry... Read More »
  • Those glorious days of yore Happy 25th Birthday Game Boy: One Man’s Hand Fun Memories! (4/21/2014) - As the Game Boy turns 25 this weekend, take a trip with me, won’t you, as I ramble on about the ONE TRUE LOVE of my life… That glorious, beautiful thing that I once cherished and now lovingly look back on… Oh Game Boy, how I love you!  As soon as I saw Nintendo’s Game... Read More »


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