3rd May! The Geekatorium @ Sci-Fi London – BOOK NOW!

Get Your Tickets Here: http://www.sci-fi-london.com/festival/2014/programme/event/comedy-geekatorium Sci-Fi London & The Geekatorium Presents… Celebrating the best in pop culture,geekdom and whatever else we are passionate about, the Geekatorium mixes stand up with sketch, music and improvised comedy as well as video links, animation and social media interactivity. Star Wars or Sartre, Lord of the Rings or Laundry… Continue reading

Happy 25th Birthday Game Boy: One Man’s Hand Fun Memories!

As the Game Boy turns 25 this weekend, take a trip with me, won’t you, as I ramble on about the ONE TRUE LOVE of my life… That glorious, beautiful thing that I once cherished and now lovingly look back on… Oh Game Boy, how I love you!  As soon as I saw Nintendo’s Game… Continue reading

LATEST PODCAST – DOWNLOAD NOW…The Uncliqueables Ep 7: The Foreskin Express

    The Geekatorium Presents… Thanks to our lovely friends at SoundCloud you can now listen to our 7th fabulous podcast “The Uncliqueables:Episode 7 “The Foreskin Express”   Performed in front of a PACKED house at The Camden Head Pub, London on the 8th April 2014, Paul Gannon and Eli Silverman inflict their own brand… Continue reading

Egon… But Not Forgotten

Harold Ramis November 21, 1944 -  February 24, 2014 People often talk about the success of Ghostbusters and where to lay down the plaudits… Was it Dan Aykroyd’s brilliant reinvention of the comedy horror fantasy adventure? Was it Bill Murray’s deadpan wit? Was it Ray Parker Jr’s catchy theme tune? Was it Ivan Reitman’s epic direction?… Continue reading

KrypTOONite – Superman’s Animated Adventures!

Every now and then, we at The Geekatorium like to pretend we also write informative geeky articles on  a variety of pop culture subject… However, those are few and far between (We blame that mostly on the year long gas leak that was 2013!), but when they do come along, they are usually of quite… Continue reading

The Uncliqueables – A Live Podcast Recording! NEXT SHOW Weds 23rd April 2014!!

The Geekatorium Presents… The Uncliqueables A Live Podcast Recording The Geekatorium “proudly” presents a new comedy night at The Camden Head Pub in the heart of Camden “The Uncliqueables”.  A mix of stand up comedy, witty banter, questions, games and audience participation performed by comedians who are so out of the cool comedy clique, that… Continue reading

Fear & Loathing At MCM…

We at The Geekatorium have braved a fair few Comic Cons in our time, often returning scarred and emotional fragile with a bag full of expensive toys we didn’t need, but this year, we took a conventional off… In our place, we sent fierce determined reporter Edward Boff to the front line of the London… Continue reading

All Hail The Mighty Venture Brothers! A Beginners Guide…

Starting June 2nd 2013, one of the world’s very best cartoon series (fighting for that crown at the moment seems to be Archer, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad and Adventure Time) returns to the tellybox. At The Geekatorium, we are very very big fans of this very very awesome programme and to help you get in… Continue reading

The Old Doctors…

Peter Dillon-Trenchard… A lover, fighter and warlord. Online, obviously! In real life PDT is a Geek comedian who crawled out from under the nerd proletariat and ascended to the heady world of The Geekatorium. It took him a while, but here is an article straight from his brainbag, via his fingers and straight into your eyes! Sylvester McCoy’s… Continue reading

The Geekatorium Report: March

After every Geekatorium Show, we like to tell you what you missed. Basically, rubbing your face in it. So, in an attempt to lure you along to our next show, here is our “what you would’ve seen” report of the night. Another month, another show… And the March show was a geekgasm of a comedy… Continue reading